Grab your readers attention and make millions!

I had the pleasure of being the administrative side of a Million Dollar Producing team. My supervisor and I celebrated the successful accomplishment of producing a million dollars in a single year for the company we worked for. Part of this success is due to having an alluring email that we can draw the clients in with. Something that catches their eyes and brings value to them.

The below advertisement shows a sample of something I helped create for more awareness to the product we provide at the end of last year.

2017 is around the corner. Here at Company Name, our management teams are already holding meetings and planning training for the New Year. Our meeting rooms and training classrooms are filling up quick.

I’m curious to know if your company has begun its 2017 planning. Are you preparing for employee training, software updates, or annual planning meetings?  If so, do you have facilities to hold these events?

Our facilities come equipped to meet your needs. We provide projectors, computers, comfortable seating, and lounge space for breaks. We can also provide catering if required.

Get your schedules to us as soon as possible, and save your meeting rooms. 2017 is booking fast across our 22 locations. We want to assist you in booking the perfect space to provide the most successful event possible.
Every ad you write should show how you are providing value to the client. Don’t sell what you get, sell what you give. And don’t forget to have an edge or added sense of urgency to remind your clients that your services and products are in high demand. I cannot stress that enough to our clients. We have limited amounts of space. It is in high demand. Once it books, everyone else is out of luck.
And one last reminder to leave you with – if you can’t create one, find a talented writer who can! Or at the very least, have them assist you with coaching.

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